The Good, the Bad, and the Fluffy


Around the Farm

It's been a bit of a mix of a lot of crazy and busy things here on the farm for the last 2 weeks! Hence we've fallen a bit behind in our goal of a post out to y'all every week. We've been having some plumbing issues up at the house which has taken a whole lot of our time and energy and has left me longing for the care free days of not having to deal with adult like things. It's been a frustrating experience to be sure, but we have had some VERY exciting things happen too!

We Have Eggs


The hens are laying!!! We got our very first eggs a couple of weeks ago, and the rest of the girls are beginning to follow suit!! We have about 7 of our hens laying daily now, and another one or two seem to jump on board the egg train every day. What does this mean for you? It means that eggs are NOW AVAILABLE on a limited and first come first serve basis. These girls lay daily, so if you check with us for eggs and we are out, be sure to check back frequently. What was a "I'm sorry, we're out" in the morning, could very well be a "YES!" in the evening. We will also start a daily waiting list if you would like to be notified and reserve your eggs as soon as they become available.

Got Chicks?


Our next round of meat birds chicks arrived 2 weeks ago as well. Baby chick day around the farm is a very exciting time for our 3 year old. One of his favorite chores to do is 'help' mama move the babies from their transport boxes into their new homes in the brooders. Our birds stay safe and warm in the brooder for 2-3 weeks until they are big enough to move out to the pasture in their specially made chicken tractors.


Since the weather has been nice and warm the last few weeks, these little critters were moved out to their tractors yesterday. We call them nuggets at this stage (yeah, I know, but we have a slightly dark edge to our humor), but they are quickly feathering out. 

Our little guy LOVES moving day. He always wants to help his daddy move the chickens and get them settled into their new home!

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Turkeys Are Almost Gone!

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The turkeys are getting bigger (and fatter) every day! They are thriving in their giant turkey tractor in their pasture and will be moving off of their starter feed within the next couple of weeks. At this point we only have ONE more turkey left that isn't reserved for someone's Thanksgiving table, so if you've been thinking about one of our turkeys this year, now is the time to reserve. We are planning to add more turkeys next year so if you miss out this year, never fear. We will have much more availability next season.

Where Can I Buy?

We are THRILLED to announce that we have joined the Shelbyville Locally Grown Farmer's Market. We are in the application process with several of the other Locally Grown Markets so keep an eye out on our page for updates on locations. This is a pretty unique market in that you get to shop online during the 'open' times for each individual market and then once a week, you go to their pick up location and pick up your order. It saves you some time, and it can really help out with budgeting because you can craft your order and know what you're paying before you go. I'm a huge impulse buyer at farmer's markets and while that's half the fun, if you're trying to budget, this format is a wonderful option. Everything is harvested that same day (or in the case of our chicken, comes to you frozen) so you know you're getting fresh and wonderful quality. 

As always, we also welcome you to come out to the farm to pick up your order. Our farm sign at the road will be going up soon, making us even easier to find and we are happy to give you a quick tour if you've got the time while you're here. We are proud of this small farm and love to educate. There's no greater thing (in my opinion) about buying local than understanding where your food comes from and what the journey is from field and pasture to plate. 

We are grateful for your continued support and for trusting us to feed your family. 


Barn2Door Admin